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Geographic Information Systems

Geographic Information Systems bring together powerful database information with digital graphics. Graphical elements can be loaded with attribute data from a relational database to provide interactive spatial intelligence.

Commonly, database information is overlaid in diagrammatic form on a 'mapping background'. This background usually takes the form of a conventional map, aerial photograph, or satellite image.

Building Management Systems

Building information modelling is increasingly altering the way the construction industry creates, and cares for, its assets. By combining the data from models with early collaborative decision-making an asset can essentially be built twice - rehearsed on a computer and then recreated flawlessly on site. Building Information Modelling data can be used with Facilities Management data to help the operational team effectively maintain an asset to ensure sustainable performance.

The maintenance and service installation records of buildings and grounds, which includes historical records, schedules, specifications and drawings is compiled in a digital format, where graphical information is linked to databases of stored information forming a Building Asset Management System.

The principal objective is to establish a comprehensive property database and spatial referencing system as a way of identifying and reporting on assets stored.


Our Asset Management Services
Clayton Associates offer a full range of quality assured Geographical and Building Asset Management Services from initial graphical input to complete data transfer linking.  

The company experience ranges through all facets of Geographical and Building Asset Management Systems from initial advice to final completion and commission. The company can also provide continuing updating and backup services to suit specific client requirements.