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PV Solar Panel Array Installations
Clayton Associates offer a specialist planning service for Solar Parks. These differ from conventional domestic applications and involve significantly more background work. Depending upon the size of the park, or its location, Local Planning Authorities may require  various environmental assessments to be carried out as part of a planning application or in some cases a full Environment Impact Assessment under The Town and Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 2011. Clayton Associates can undertake initial search enquires to establish a particular schemes requirements in connection to Town & Country Planning issues. In co-ordination with a local solar panel installer the company can also arrange for a complete package of the likely installation and return costs for a particular scheme.
Public Utilities
Clayton Associates offer specialist knowledge of Town and Country Planning matters particularly related to the water industry and other statutory undertakers where permitted development rights exist under the General Permitted Development Order 1995.
Where permitted development rights do not exist Clayton Associates  have successfully been providing statutory undertakers with architectural and planning services  obtaining planning permission for anything from a small cabinet to house electrical control equipment  to large treatment facility buildings.
Dedicating the Town & Country Planning facets of a scheme to a specific function within the design process has proved to be of benefit in reducing ‘lead in times’ allowing contractors to start work on site with the minimum of delays caused by Town & Country planning issues.
Success is achieved through a firm knowledge of planning legislation, careful preparation of fully detailed documentation, full liaison with the Local Planning Authority, and close monitoring of the planning process. 
Building Works
Clients often require working drawings and a specification for minor building works to enable them to obtain tenders from local building contractors. Clayton Associates understands that a client does not always want to spend a significant part of a project budget on consultancy fees and as such the company has tuned its business to handle such enquires in a cost effective manner.
Maintenance Works
Planned and reactive maintenance work will usually require drawings and a specification to help explain to a contractor the clients exact requirements. Using combinations of industry standard computer software the company is able to clearly communicate to a contractor technical details and important items of work required to be undertaken.
Our Building & Maintenance Works Services
From the initial brief through to the site investigation, site survey, and the production of documentation in a digital format Clayton Associates offer a full range of quality assured package documentation to allow clients to obtain building works estimates based on materials and workmanship to British Standards and Codes of practice and in accordance with Building Regulations and Health and Safety requirements.