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Planning Permission Application Process
Free initial assessment site visit with a free no obligation fixed cost written quotation.
Once a quotation is accepted we will arrange a suitable time for our surveyor to measure your existing property.
From the site measurements we will produce a set of existing plans to include a location plan, site plan, floor plans, and elevations.
The existing plans will allow us to take your brief and develop it into a workable scheme to produce a set of proposed drawings suitable for making a planning application.
Once you approve the drawings we will complete the planning application forms, produce a design and access statement if required, and prepare the documentation to submit to the Local Planning Authority for Planning Permission.
We will monitor the application and Liaise as required with the Local Planning Authority including making any minor alterations to suit planning requirements to the logical conclusion of the application.
It should be noted Planning Approval cannot be guaranteed for a particular design or scheme submitted.
Once a planning permission has been granted the project is ready for the next stage: Building Regulations Approval
Building Regulation Application Process For a Full Plans Submission
We will develop the planning drawings to include general notation, building dimensions, and features etc. to provide basic building construction drawings sufficient to make a full plans submission to the Local Authority for Building Regulation approval.
We will compile a specific custom specification document for your project detailing items to ensure that the work is carried out with the correct materials and in accordance with appropriate Health & Safety laws.
We will complete the application forms, prepare the documentation and submit to the Local Authority for Building Regulation Approval.
We will monitor the application and liaise as required with the Authority including making minor alterations to suit on going changes and any additional Building Regulation requirements to the logical conclusion of the application.